A Look at Myself - Season 1, Episode 38
  • Episode Title: Episode 38
  • Episode Run Time: 75
  • Episode Air Date: 2016-04-15 21:30
  • Episode Summary: A debate on who is the best yelling comedian in Korea! Analyzing best variety show personalities in Korea and explaining their philosophies. The viewers will vote for the best yelling comedian on the day of the show! Who will be the best yelling comedian? Song Hae forms F4 with other 100 year-old guys! Woojong prepares a special meeting with some special guys for Song Hae! Formation story of F4 who lead the life of 100 years! Their secrets for longevity are revealed! Jackson & Joonhyung finally go on "Woorimal Battle"! Behind-the-scenes for "Woorimal Battle"!