A Look at Myself - Season 1, Episode 36
  • Episode Title: Episode 36
  • Episode Run Time: 75
  • Episode Air Date: 2016-04-01 21:30
  • Episode Summary: Myungsoo gets easily mad, so Kyungkyu suggests him to let go! He suggests Myungsoo to enjoy the life in nature. Who is this person living in the mountain? Can Myungsoo let go of himself and live as a mountain man? Finally the day for shooting "Woorimal Battle" has come! Jackson and Joonhyung get tutored by the announcer Woojong! Will Jackson and Joonhyung win $30,000 prize money? Song Hae, Kyungkyu, and Woojong's Japan trip, the third part! Woojong takes them back to Kurashiki's famous restaurant. Come on, come on! The main menu is an egg pudding? He even strikes their head saying it's for getting rid of bad luck... Will Woojong survive their Japan trip?