A Look at Myself - Season 1, Episode 26
  • Episode Title: Episode 26
  • Episode Run Time: 75
  • Episode Air Date: 2016-01-22 21:30
  • Episode Summary: Members all enjoy the dumpling soup! Soomi tries to read Tarot cards for the members... After a while, poor Myungsoo! Oh, my god. Mr. Song Hae, you're in a trouble! Members are shocked to hear Soomi's Tarot card readings...? Song Hae, decided to make a private meeting for celebrities who are in their 20s to 90s! GOT7 Jackson, TWICE Nayeon, Kim Heunggook, Lee Gyein Celebrities who represent different generations from 20s to 90s have gathered! But... they all start talking at the same time. Impossible to control them. Song Hae is in panic even before the shooting begins... Will they understand and accept each other?