A Look at Myself - Season 1, Episode 25
  • Episode Title: Episode 25
  • Episode Run Time: 75
  • Episode Air Date: 2016-01-15 21:30
  • Episode Summary: Soomi & Myungsoo make North Korean dumplings for Song Hae! They even make the dumpling skin themselves... Song Hae arrives a little earlier and the dumpling skin is not even ready? North Korean dumplings that Song Hae made with Soomi & Myungsoo! Following Song Hae's every day life! The second part of Song Hae's day! Where are they headed next? It's Song Hae's doctor's office! But! His oriental doctor tells them something totally unexpected.. Needs to be treated soon! What happened to Woojong? Jackson is going to the sauna with Youngnam & Kyungkyu! Showing off his six-pack and enjoying the sauna for a while, until he sees the washcloth...! What will happen to Jackson...?